The ACE 2022 Summer Intensive Program Participant

College of Business, International Business Dept. 3rd year student
Ms. Haruka Hoshiyama

After participating in ACE 2022 Summer Intensive Program, studied at the University of Stirling (U.K.) under an interdepartmental agreement for Fall2022.

What did you find attractive about the program?
The fact that students from three different countries are able to gather face-to-face and discover each other's strengths and leadership through lectures, group work, and fieldwork. Also, the program style which allows a lot of freedom and opportunities to deepen friendships among the participants.
Please feel free to share with us your thoughts/comments about the program.
I am glad that I was able to participate in a program where I was able to gain valuable experience and learn a lot. My experience in the program is helpful to me in my current exchange program.
What are the things you found most valuable about the program?
I was able to spend invaluable time with my precious new friends.
From which experience did you feel so? Please mention all that you can think of.
The warm words from the friends I met through this program made me realize the value of the time we spent together and the significance of my existence. Also, the gratitude and joy I felt from being able to support five Singaporean students by myself after meeting them at the airport, with things like getting food, sightseeing, and solving SIM card problems.
Please select all the skills which you feel that you were able to acquire through this program.
All of them
Please describe why you feel you were able to acquire the above skills.
Because I was able to feel the improvement of my contribution to the team day by day during group work discussions. The more I interacted with the other participants, the more I was able to feel that.